Over the past decade, there has been a movement across the globe to reshape the ways in which governments are held accountable. Demands by citizens for their governments to be accountable for results, to be transparent, and to provide more efficient and effective services are now the norm – rather than the exception – the world over.

Citizens are asking for more services and programs from their governments, greater responsiveness from their civil servants, and accountability. In return, these demands are helping to drive a global re-awakening of the public consciousness toward good, effective and truly representative governance.

Consequently, the establishment (and by extension growth, propagation and promotion) of this virtual “Good Governance Community” will provide all parties concerned with a set of digital tools (including but not limited to web, mobile, 2-way SMS, USSD, IVR, etc.) for the effective dissemination of material that is aligned with the values shared by this community. This improvement in toolset will reflect in greater subscription numbers and social activity on the multiple channels of interaction that will be employed.